RLF-100 Expanded Access

Learn how we treat COVID-19 Respiratory Failure.

Mr. C.E. is a retired (for 10 years now) City of Houston Municipal Court worker and his wife, Ms. S. E., is an HR specialist still working.

Mr. C. E. had a double lung transplant 15 months ago and during COVID-19 he was admitted to the hospital with severe symptoms. As things turned for the worst he was admitted to the ICU 2 weeks ago.

While in the ICU Mr. C. E. thought he wouldn’t make it alive as he felt nearly dying gasping for air. Then his doctor recommended an experimental drug (Aviptadil) and in a remarkable recovery story, after spending just 5-6 days in the ICU under treatment with Aviptadil he was released just last Saturday. He is now at home, cared for by his wife and recovering from his traumatic experience.

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