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RLF-100 | COVID-19 Respiratory Failure

Now Developing RLF-100 (Aviptadil®) as a treatment for COVID-19-related Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Failure (ARDS) in partnership with Relief Therapeutics, AG

10 weeks from concept to clinic:

  • FDA Orphan Drug Designation
  • FDA Fast Track Designation

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NRX 100/101 | Bipolar Depression Treatment

The first drug in development to treat Bipolar Depression in Patients with Acute Suicidality.

18 months from concept to clinic:

  • FDA Fast Track
  • FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation
  • Special Protocol Agreement

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NeuroRx, Inc. is a clinical stage, small molecule pharmaceutical company that excels at rapid development of already-known molecules to deliver lifesaving solutions in record time at minimum cost.  The pharmaceutical industry routinely reports spending $1 billion or more to develop a new drug. We pride ourselves on developing lifesaving drugs that can be approved and brought to market for less than $50 million. Members of our team have developed first in class drugs for blinding eye disease, diabetes, depression, and now we are working in the area of COVID-19.

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